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Repair Your Toilet With Proline

When your toilet is not working correctly, it can be an unpleasant situation. It often forces homeownwer’s to isolate a portion of the home due to the foul odor or visible solid waste back up. Most of the time, all it requires is a quick adjustment, usually with a plunger or the shake of the handle to get the toilet working correctly again.

However, if you’ve attempted to fix the toilet yourself and it didn’t work, give Proline Plumbing call today and we’ll have a plumber at your Riverside residence in no time!


Weak Flushing Toilet?

If the water pressure is weak when you flush the toilet, it normally because something is keeping the water from filling up in the tank. The problem usually has to do with the toilet’s flushing mechanism, which include:

  • The Handle
  • The Flapper
  • Refill and Siphoning Valves
  • The Stopper
  • The Toilet Flange
  • The Float Ball & Chain

To make sure your toilet is working at its maximum level, give us a call. Whatever the situation is, Proline Plumbing professional plumbing technicians are available to come to fix the problem.


Other Common Toilet Repairs

Fixing a leaking toilet handle or rubber seal are among the most common types of toilet repairs. Most toilets leak water from the rubber seal around the bottom of the toilet. If the toilet is leaking from the tank, it’s usually due to a worn out rubber gasket.

Other reasons why you could have a leaking or running toilet include:

  • Sewar Line Clogs
  • Broken Refill Valves
  • Blocked Drains Creating a Sewage Backup
  • Loose Screws
  • Improper Initial Installation


Replacing Your Toilet

A toilet is not something that most people count on replacing. Therefore, it can quickly become outdated. The newer toilets are eco-friendly, which makes them popular. The new models have advanced technology. Today’s toilets come in many styles and colors. Replacing a toilet is also a relatively inexpensive way to update your home’s decoration.

Changing a toilet could also be more of a necessity than purely decorative reasons. If someone in the home becomes disabled or there is an elderly person living in the home, a toilet designed for the disabled or a comfort height toilet become a logical necessity.


Whether your toilet repair is a routine problem or you need a new installation, count on Proline to get the job done. Give us a call at (800) 273-7247


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