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Fix Your Sewer Pipes With Proline

When it comes to the sewage system, keeping sewer pipes and lines clear is not generally at the top of the home maintenance list. New homeowners often understand the importance of conducting annual maintenance on their HVAC systems and other major compliances within their home. However, a problem with a clogged sewer line is often a costly repair that comes as a surprise.

At Proline Plumbing, we know how important it is to keep your home sewer system working correctly and free from blockage.

( Ultimately, the best way to ensure you don’t have a problem with your home’s sewer system is with our sewer line preventative maintenance program. That way, the sewage pipes to your home can stay free of any problems and not become a source of worry. )


Determining if There’s a Problem With Your Sewer Line

Common signs that there may be problems with your sewer line are the following:

  • Gurgling Sounds
  • Slow Drainage
  • Backed-Up Sewage
  • Drains with Foul Odors


What Causes a Sewer Line Backup?

The leading causes of sewage line cracks & backups are the following:

  • Root intrusions from large trees close to your home
  • Original installation of the pipes were done poorly
  • Decaying pipes from age and heavy use
  • Foreign objects lodged inside the pipes
  • Decaying pipes due to fats, oils, and grease


Detecting The Problem Area & Addressing It

Proline technicians will inspect your home’s sewer system to determine what’s causing the problem. Sometimes, the problem area may be apparent, and we can quickly clear it up with a sewer snake. More complex issues may require a video sewer inspection to find the problem area and specialized tools to then fix the issue. Regardless of the situation, we are equipped to do whatever it takes to get your sewer system flowing correctly again.

Common Methods used to clear blocked sewer lines are:

Sewer Rodding

Sewer rods are specially designed polypropylene flexible rods that are approximately three feet in length. They are screwed together by the hardware on the ends to increase their length. Some of the types of sewer rods are tape rods, power rods, and kinetic water rams. The kind of blockage will determine the type of rod needed.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Pipe relining and pipe bursting are the 2 most common types of trenchless sewer line repair. When relining a pipe, a new pipe is constructed within the walls of the old one. When pipe bursting, the old pipes are broken away as they are replaced with the new pipes.


Hydro-jetting involves the use of high–pressure water to clear the drains. With this method, the drains are thoroughly cleaned out so that no build-up is left on the drain walls.


The professional plumbing technicians at Proline Plumbing are trained and equipped to handle any sewer pipe repair in your Riverside home. We promise a quick and efficient response to your problem. We realize the urgency of the situation and understand that a sewage problem is not just a situation that’s unsightly and smells bad, but it can also create a health hazard for you and your family.

For the best sewer pipe repair service in Riverside, contact Proline Plumbing at (800) 273-7247

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