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Fix Your Clogged Drain With Proline


As time passes, dirt and grime will build up in the drains around your home. For many homeowners, a clog may appear easy to clear. But that’s not always the case. Many times, there is debris lodged deep within the pipes that cannot be reached.

In which case, the professional service of an expert is required – And who better to call than a Proline plumber!?

Our professional drain cleaning services include:

  1. Determining the cause and severity of the drain blockage
  2. Clearing & cleaning of the drain from the inside and outside
  3. Locating and addressing the source of the problem if there is one
  4. Emergency drain cleaning

This includes any drain around your home. In kitchens, bathroom sinks, bathtubs showers, toilets, storm drains, etc.


Clearing a Clogged Drain

Many times fixing a clogged drain is just a mater of clearing the build up. However, there are multiple connections to your drain that go in multiple directions. So, if a clog is located further along those drain paths, you’ve got a blockage that will affect other drains around your home. We have plumbing snakes and other special equipment to deeper and more serious clogs. We also check the drains for signs of debris or corrosion and address those issues, if needed, to protect from other plumbing issues in the future.

( Please note that the use of store-bought drain cleaner often times does not work and can actually do more harm than good. )


Clearing Complete Drain Stoppages

Unlike a clogged drain that’s partially blocked, a drain stoppage consists of a complete clog of the drain. This means the drainage has slowed down to just a faint trickle, making the drain basically useless. Proline Plumbing uses state-of-the-art equipment to determine where the stoppage is located without having to disassemble the pipes in the process.

When we find the problem area and determine the best course of action, we will discuss your options with you. We believe in providing our customers with up-front, honest, & accurate estimates. Once you agree with the proposed estimate, we will begin work to remove the stoppage, and while doing so, check the areas beyond the point where the stoppage was located to make sure the rest of your drain is fully cleared.


Maintaining Your Drains

Although we’re available to clear clogged or blocked drains when you need us, we encourage you to do routine drain maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Routine drain maintenance is an effective way to extend the life of your pipes. As a rule of thumb, your drains should be cleaned about 3 to 4 times a year.

Here are some simple drain maintenance tips:

  • Keep hair away from the bathroom drains
  • Rinse away soap scum to keep it from clogging the drain covers
  • Clean the drains with an abrasive cleaner and hot water
  • Use a sink strainer in the kitchen sink to prevent clogs
  • Use a plunger for small toilet and sink clogs


At Proline Plumbing, we provide effective, fast, and affordable drain cleaning services; from routine maintenance to clearing drains that are clogged and draining slow. Regardless of the size of the project, our technicians have the skills and equipment needed to complete the job fast and effectively.

To schedule your clogged drain repair, call Proline Plumbing today at (800) 273-7247

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